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Image Pest Control is Africanized Bee Certified for bee removal, and continually attends continuing education seminars to be on the forefront of industry changes for our customers service needs.​

We are licensed through the Structural Pest Control Board for our Branch 2 license, and the Department of Pesticide Regulations for our Category B - "Landscape Maintenance" Agricultural license.​
Image Pest Control is licensed, bonded, and insured. Our goal is not just finding new customers, but establishing relationships with people for years to come. We truly enjoy providing service to our customers which honestly understand the true value of our services. Anybody can spray pesticides on your property, but a quality service consists of not only the current situation at hand, but also what is to come. Our job requires us to not just think about what you are dealing with today, but what is the next season bringing to your property in the near future. Our job is to identify the pest, materials available and their effectiveness, impact on the environment, potential hazards and risks associated with such treatments, understand the pests activity (food, water, habitat), create the most effective resolution with the smallest environmental footprint. Image Pest Control is capable of assessing each situation individually, utilizing its extensive knowledge in the industry to provide you with the best service available at competitive rates.

​Image Pest Control is family owned and operated since 2001!